Celtic Fringe Web Design

Our definition of a successful site is simple: you're happy with it.

Of course, your definition of a successful site should be simple too: your users are happy. Let us help you get there. Our philosophy of web design is this: it should serve the user. It should be eye-catching and easy to navigate; not either/or, but both.

Our sites are hand-coded, which means clean code that is easy to maintain. What that means for you is maintenance is fast and cheap, even if someone else does your updates. It also means you get a professionally designed site, not whatever cheesy template comes with an HTML editor.

We can help you decide your site's content, organize it, design an interface, code a design, perform updates, and even help you with the writing and editing. Whether you need to start from scratch or finish the process, let yourself benefit from our experience.

Contact Celtic Fringe Web Design, 5348 48th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55417, (612)726-6364

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